Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Harness the Repair and Regenerative Power of Platelet Rich Plasma

shutterstock_125430821Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a powerful, minimally-invasive procedure that harnesses the body’s own wound-healing capabilities to rejuvenate the skin. It can help minimize the appearance of scars, stretch-marks, fine lines/wrinkles, and other common signs of aging on the face, neck, and hands. PRP greatly accelerates the healing and regeneration processes, making it useful for hair loss as well. PRP therapy is very safe, it has been extensively used to treat sport injuries, orthopedic conditions, burns and even dentistry.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

The theory behind PRP therapy is simple: platelets (one of the main components in our blood) are involved in stopping bleeding and triggering the healing process.  They contain large amounts of growth factors that signals for repair and regeneration of new cells. When injected to problem areas, it can reduce wrinkles and lines, regenerate follicles and greatly accelerate the healing process.  The growth factors also trigger the production of new collagen and elastin, that restores skin complexion.

What is the Process Like?

On the day of your treatment, some of your own blood will be drawn (be sure to drink plenty of water in advance to facilitate this process!).  In a single step, the plasma and platelets are separated from other components of your blood and the growth factors in the platelets are activated to ensure maximum efficacy. The PRP is then carefully injected into the target areas with very small-gauge syringes, enabling it to be applied to nearly any treatment area without trauma or scarring.

How Soon are the Results Noticeable?

Results vary from individual to individual depending on the specific treatment PRP is supplementing. Most individuals experience visible results within days, and can continue to see improvement for up to 6 months.  Most regeneration treatment results last for about 18 months and in some cases far longer, although some procedures may require repeat treatments at 3-4 month intervals to achieve more robust and longer-term results.

What are the risks to PRP treatments?

PRP therapy is made using the patient’s own blood so there is no risk to rejection. With sterile medical equipment and procedures, the risk of infection is minimal. However, persons with porcine (pig) or bovine (cow) allergies should not receive PRP Fusion treatments. Depending upon the procedure or treatment performed, patients can return to work on the same day for basic treatments, within 2-3 days for moderate treatment and within 5-7 days for an extensive treatment.  It is important to note that, as with any treatment or procedure, results may vary due to many contributing factors such as individual physiology, lifestyle factors, age, and post-treatment care.

It is important to ensure that your PRP therapy is conducted safely. At Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness our PRP therapies are properly prepared, applied correctly, and performed under sterile conditions. You can be confident that you are making the best and safest choice.  Our physicians and staff bring their medical expertise and compassionate bedside manner to every procedure we perform.  We understand the importance of treating the whole person—mind, body, and soul. Schedule an appointment today to find out if PRP therapy is the right choice for you to rejuvenate your appearance and outlook!

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