Priapus+Shot (P+Shot)

We are proud to be the originators of the Priapus+Shot (P+Shot) and the enhanced benefits it brings our patients. Maintaining sexual health is actually one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing. 

Are you experiencing:

  • Lack of firmness in erection,
  • Loss of ability to maintain an erection,
  • Loss of endurance,
  • Require medications such as Viagra or Cialis,
  • Loss of penis size – diminished appearance,
  • Loss of sensation,
  • Injury to the penis?

If you answered yes to any of the above and you either need or desire to enhanced the benefits of the P+Shot over and above the P-Shot, you may be an ideal candidate for the Priapus+Shot (P+Shot) procedure.

1 in 2 men ages 40 and older experiences physiological changes they feel are troublesome and undesirable.

The process of aging takes a significant toll on the male penis. As the male body ages so do our sex organs. Many factors can negatively impact male sexual performance.

Even if you’re not having a problem now and simply desire to optimize your performance ability, the P-Shot and P+Shot will likely provide not only that optimized performance boot, but aid in preventing the earlier onset of ED. Most men also exhibit a more youthful appearing penis post P+Shot.  

The Priapus+Shot utilizes your own body’s ability to regenerate the the penis to a more youthful state. It does so through concentrating the growth and healing factors of your own blood to create PRP to regenerate and rejuvenate your penis.

It’s not all in your head nor is the reduction of testosterone production as we age. While testosterone provides for a healthy libido, damaged weakened capillaries and vessels significantly degrade the performance of the penis. 

The penis is a highly vascular organ. As we age, capillaries and then vessels begin to shut down from many causes. Literally, the penis loses its ability to function, decreases in size, unable to hold or achieve an erection and loses sensitivity as nerves are starved of the oxygen and nutrients they require to function.

The P+Shot regenerates the vascular system and stimulates new cell growth within the penis thereby reestablishing a more youthful function and even appearance.

The P+Shot is highly beneficial for individuals 55 years and older. As we age, our regenerative abilities begin to decline rapidly. Did you know that if you were to take a stem cell of a baby, place it in culture to expand its’ numbers there would be more than a billion cells in 30 days.

At age 70, we can take a stem cell from that individual, place it in culture and expand it’s numbers. At the end of 30 days we would only obtain roughly 200,000 cells. 

Obviously this is a significant difference in regenerative ability. Our PRP reflects much the same regenerative abilities as we age. Therefore, individuals 55 to 65 years of age are advised to utilize the regenerative healing abilities of what is a fortified P-Shot. 

We highly recommended individuals 65 and older take advantage of the P+Shot. The fortification effect of the P+Shot provides healing and regenerative abilities that stem from an age benefit of nearly a baby. 

The P+Shot is a combination therapy procedure. It combines one or two biologics such as extracellular matrix, umbilical cord stem cell allograft, amniotic matrix, Wharton’s jelly, or exosomes and new medications such as peptides with HD-PRP for significantly enhanced efficacy.  

Those patients with either excessive plaquing or Peyronie’s disease will likely also benefit from the GAINSWave procedure. These two treatments in combination provide significant efficacy for ED, and Peyronie’s disease as well! 

In patients with normal hormone levels the combination of these two treatment provides patient satisfaction in 90% of the cases we treat. 

Hormones can also play a significant role in sexual health. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a safe and effective treatment for hormone deficiency and irregularities. Just checking or replacing testosterone is generally not enough. 

Just because your labs demonstrate a normal level for your age, that doesn’t mean the level is high enough to enjoy an active, vibrant, engauged lovelife. At age 60 your testosterone lab value of 300 may be considered normal. However, your testosterone level in your 20s was likely 750. While going to testosterone levels of our teens may not be desired, certainly 30s and 40s BHRT is very safe when used as directed.   

Priapus+Shot (P+Shot) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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