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Anti-Aging Medicine is the evolving branch of a new type of practical medicine based on biological and medical science having the goal to reduce, and when possible eliminate effects upon the causes of aging. To understand the problems of aging down the cellular, genetic and molecular level that cause not only the processes of aging but contributing factors such as diseases and it’s effects upon our bodies. To employ sound medical knowledge and judgement, science, technological advancements, innovative diagnostics, research and protocols that optimizes our processes of aging.

The prestigious scientific journal, Biogerontology, defines aging as: “The progressive failing ability of the body’s own intrinsic and genetic powers to defend, maintain and repair itself in order to keep working efficiently.”

Our approach is not to see you as having an isolated disease but seeing you as a whole person. This complementary alternative medical discipline is integrated with conventional medicine to create a holistic medical approach and discipline.

What causes aging?

As we age, or metabolic processes progressively fail. To some extent this is based upon our hormonal balance and chronic inflammation. As well, these are tied glycation, methylation and oxidation. These processes affect different organs and how we age. There are a number of varied theories where some overlap and contradict one another. However, each are reasonably supported by science. Some of theories include:

  1. Theory of; Cross-linking Theory
  2. Theory of; Telomerase Theory of Aging
  3. Theory of; Order to Disorder Theory
  4. Theory of; Immune Theory
  5. Theory of; Waste Product Accumulation Theory
  6. Theory of; Free Radical Theory
  7. Theory of; The Neuroendocrine Theory
  8. Theory of; Wear and Tear Theory
  9. Theory of; Rate of Living Theory
  10. Theories of; Errors and Repairs


The importance of food we eat can be summarized by what Dr. Barry Sears provided a excellent quote that summarizes how important the food we eat is, the quote reads: “The food you eat is probably the most powerful drug you will encounter. But to use this drug correctly, you have to apply the hormonal rules about the food that haven’t changed in the past 40 million years and are unlikely to change anytime soon.”

At the core of eating and obtaining a hormonally balanced diet is the balancing the activities of insulin and glucagon. Generally, a hormonally correct diet contains the following elements:

  • 50% Carbohydrates,
  • 30% Proteins,
  • 20% Fat
  • Proper balance and intake of vitamins and mineral,
  • Ample water intake that has been properly filtered and free of heavy metals,
  • Following the above proportions, taking meals or snacks every 4 – 5 hours.
  • Adjusting for your weigh height, BMI, body type and level of activity and exercise.

All these factors can mean the difference between good health and illness and thus your quality of life and longevity.


When addressing hormones, we must first differentiate the types of hormones that should be and safely be employed. First, specifically addressing their chemical and molecular structure. Because big pharma can’t patent and then charge exorbitant amounts for hormones that are not identical to what our body produces naturally, it is very important to avoid these and any other hormone that is not bioidentical.

Non bio-identical hormones can have yet determined longer term adverse side effects because they can add or eliminate compounds and molecules that our body does not need or may need that affect our body at the cellular level. Thus, changing the way our cells were designed to function.

Bioidentical hormones match exactly what our bodies use and have used since the days when our ancestors were foragers for subsistence. Besides the foods we intake, bioidentical hormones can be taken/received in many forms but not all hormones can or should be taken in all forms. The forms include; intramuscular injections, creams. gels, capsules and tablets, pellets and on rare occasion, intravenously.

As we age, our organs begin the processes of cutting back on and in some cases stop producing hormones. As Anti-Ageing specialists, our goal is to replenish the deficit hormones to a youthful state and thereby achieve a more vibrantly healthy and youthful state of wellness.

We implore you not to attempt to do hormonal replacement therapy on your own. It should be only undertaken by a properly trained physician after a comprehensive evaluation and under continued evaluation and guidance of a Anti-Aging physician.

Nutraceutical supplements

Metabolic management of various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins should have a balanced approach that manages deficiencies and optimizes what the body needs and can optimally use while avoiding excesses.


To quote Dr. Alex Lief, MD Harvard Medical School: “Exercise is the closest thing we have to an anti-aging pill.” In yet another enlightened powerful statement: “Not exercising has the equivalent impact on your health as smoking one- and one-half pack of cigarettes a day.” These statements are quite illustrative of exercise and activity as an essential medicine to our body. It is a component of nearly all individuals reaching the age of centurion.

Present Day – Leading Edge

We have entered a revolutionary point in the history of man where information is transmitted, shared and dissimulated at ever increasing speed. This creates a double edge sword of both good and bad. While it is good that information reaches us faster, this speed and the abundance of information also contributes to bad or incomplete information reaching us. Then, God forbid a product of big pharma be threatened and then disinformation becomes nearly impenetrable. Of particular concern, is the vast majority of the public lack the knowledge and scientific background to make a good informed decision.

Unlike many parts of the world, the United States (USA) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking a more cautious approach to all the new technologies. There are indeed a couple stem cell therapies approved for limited scope use in the USA. There are also many types of products containing some stem cells that are authorized for certain type of use because the material has been minimally manipulated. Many more are in FDA approved human clinical studies. However, outside the USA there are many types of stem cell therapies already being marketed to the public. The danger with the majority of these therapies outside the USA is that you need to nearly be a biological scientist to understand the true potential of the stem cells offered. Not all stem cells are created equal, far from that. Use of some of the cells offered could result in something worse than what you were trying to treat.

Both in the USA and abroad, exosomes have now arrived on the market with the promise of great potential. However, one needs to be careful with exosomes. Like stem cells, not all are created equal. Exosomes are at a very nascent stage of technology development. Nonetheless, there are already a few different types demonstrating significant potential and safety when employed conservatively.

The Future

This holistic discipline aims to optimize the tools at hand and intersect with a fast approaching future when we will extend our longevity to durations not believed attainable even a decade ago. As little as a decade ago it was believed stem and embryonic cells will play one of the greatest roles in this endeavor. As well, the manipulation of genetic code would play a significant role. In part, they likely will play roles but not as then envisioned.

It now appears an emerging technology has advanced in just the past few years that will prove to be a paradigm shift. We will first likely employ the use of exosomes to deliver simple well-crafted RNA instructions to our cells. These simple RNA messages will instruct the cell what to do absent the need to resort to genetic manipulation. The RNA messages need only be simple. Such as tell the cell to die if it is a target type cell or becomes senescent or harboring a virus or tell the cell to turn off the gene that causes diseases such as Parkinson’s. As well they may contain payloads such as nanoparticle sized nutraceuticals providing native stem cells the nutrients and energy to multiply as desired or instruct the immune system not to provide an inflammatory response.

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