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Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness appreciates and understands the complexities of men’s health.

Genetic problems can begin in the womb and other health issues and problems can occur at any age. Problems can be due to injury, fungus, bacterial, viruses, autoimmune disorders, environmental toxins, cancer and it’s treatment, organ associated, metabolic or hormonal, stress, age and one or more of a litany of other reasons.

We strive to provide the latest medical knowhow and technologies to optimize your health and wellbeing. This includes the latest in Integrative Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and Regenerative Medicine.

Conventional medicine is largely controlled by big pharma and insurance companies. These entities work hand in hand to bring medicine to you that maximize their profits, limit your choices and options to those medications, products, devices and services they provide or in the case of insurance companies, make the best deals to provide.

The process of indoctrinating and essentially placing blinders on physicians begins in medical school through to the present day medical practices of physicians. Big pharma is relentless in their agenda to convince not only physicians, but government and all associated with medicine their way is the best. When the reality is the less they cure and the more they only treat symptoms, the more they make for longer periods, all to our detriment.

The physicians at Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness recognized conventional medicine was failing to make their patients well in far too many cases. They set out to find better, superior ways to extend their medical knowledge and abilities to treat and heal their patients. The medical services they offer today are greatly different than from years ago, but does not forsake the best of conventional medicine when it is appropriate.

Through providing you these comprehensive Women’s Health services tailored to your individual needs at a very personalized level we will optimize your health and wellness and enable you to live longer and thrive. A brief overview of these services includes:

Personalized Integrative Medicine: Employs the latest available medical knowledge, diagnostic and treatment technologies to deliver precision personalize medicine not generally available in conventional medicine.

Anti-Aging Medicine: Anti-Aging Medicine is an evolving branch of medical science and applied medicine. It treats the underlying causes of aging and aims at alleviating any age related ailment. Its goal is to extend the healthy lifespan of humans having youthful characteristics.

Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction Signs and Symptoms


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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Peyronie’s Disease

ShockWave for Peyronie’s

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT): Hormones are involved with every process in our bodies. Unlike hormones marketed by big pharma that are not bio-identical, BHRT is 100% of what our bodies and each cell is expecting and can use. When properly administered BHRT is safe and effective.

Peptide Therapy: Peptides are specific short chains of amino acids that occur naturally in our bodies. They are created (synthesized) to be identical to naturally occurring peptides. These peptides can be employed to replace what has naturally depleted, your body no longer produces or can provided in an abundance to treat specific problems and issues. Peptides represent a new category of medications that can be used in conjunction with or as a standalone alternative to other medications for many indications. The list of peptides and the indications they can treat is rapidly expanding.

Premiere Patient Program: A cost effective way to enjoy many of the benefits of concierge services.

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