Personalized Integrative Medicine

Personalized Integrative Medicine is the tailoring of medical treatment to the needs and individual characteristics of you the patient. It requires an approach that to the extent possible comprehensively identifies and understands your individual genetic profile and molecular makeup to better understand current disease and/or susceptibility to disease and it’s prevention.

The goal is to understand which treatment will be the most effective for you and treatments that will not be. As well, minimize harmful side effects when ideal treatments are not available. Our personalized approach to treating you is based upon Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

Personalized Integrative Medicine does not exclude traditional conventional medicine, it is an extension of it. Technology advancements and breakthroughs occur frequently. Each providing us greater insight and understanding as to how better deliver continually improving personalized precision medicine, even before it is adopted by conventional medicine. Taking that a step further, our Integrative Medicine approach also encompasses the best of other known medicine not otherwise considered mainstream in the United States and often providing natural remedy treatment and possible cures whenever possible or specifically desired by you.

Through the delivery to you of these special comprehensive services our goal is to obtain a significantly optimised success with your wellbeing, overall wellness and health than may be found through conventional medicine alone.

Your Journey to Optimum Wellness Begins With:

  • General Assessment: Comprehensive assessment and Identification of your current status and needs.
  • Risk Assessment: Understanding predisposition and revealing disease through Genetic and other state-of-the-art testing,
  • Detection: Early detection of disease down and through to its’ genetic and molecular level,
  • Prevention: Social Behavior, Nutrition and Lifestyle intervention treatment to prevent disease,
  • Diagnosis: Accurate diagnosis of disease enabling an individualized treatment strategy,
  • Treatment: Improve your outcomes through targeting the most appropriate treatments,
  • Management: Active monitoring as treatment progresses, the response to treatment, any disease progression and making adjustments when indicated.

We are also firm believers and fully subscribe in the patient’s right-to-try. We will assist with the processes obtaining a drug, biologic or other treatment in any way we can.

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