Visia Complexion Analysis


VISIA® COMPLEXION ANALYSISIt is easy to see the development of problematic skin conditions on the surface of the skin.  Unfortunately, many of these problems begin deep within the layers of the skin, where they cannot be easily seen or diagnosed.  If these problems are only treated at the surface, while the underlying sources of the problem are ignored, any treatment plan or use of skin care products will ultimately be ineffective.  For aesthetic skin care treatments to achieve successful results, it is critical that they address the problematic areas deep under the surface of the skin.

Now, the power of modern imaging makes it easy to diagnose skin problems at their source.  Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness is pleased to offer VISIA® Complexion Analysis as an integral part of its intensive consultation process.  By providing a powerful combination of visual assessment and quantitative analysis, VISIA® Complexion Analysis enables our staff to more accurately diagnose skin conditions both on the surface and deep within the layers of the skin, and recommend the correct combination of treatments and skin care products that will most effectively treat problem areas.  Perhaps more importantly, the 3D imaging offered by the VISIA® system enables patients to visualize the impact of those treatments by showing how they will impact each patient’s unique skin over the next 5-7 years!Contact Us Today!

At Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness in Los Gatos, California, we believe that modern medical, aesthetic, and imaging technology can be harnessed in new, powerful, and complementary ways.  Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness is not your average med spa; we are a full-service medical aesthetics clinic, and our team is dedicated to providing long-term, successful results by treating problems at their source, not simply by superficially judging problems based on what can be seen on the surface.  Dr. Arbella Sarkis and Dr. Esther Chen believe in treating the whole patient with warmth, compassion, and caring.  Their unique blend of modern technology, holistic medicine, and customized signature treatments mean that that each patient is assured subtle, stunning regeneration and a youthful, naturally-beautiful appearance.


VISIA® Complexion Analysis harnesses multi-spectral lighting, including cross-polarized and UV light, to take a series of detailed images that measure and record surface and subsurface skin conditions.  By combining UV-based photography to analyze sun damage and proprietary RBX® Technology to separate red and brown skin components, VISIA® Complexion Analysis provides a powerful quantitative analysis of your unique skin type across eight common skin conditions: spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins.  Once the quantitative analysis has correctly diagnosed the problem areas at their source, the staff at Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness is better able to recommend a selection of treatments and products best suited to achieve the unique aesthetic goals of each patient.

More importantly, however, VISIA® allows patients to visualize what the results of those treatments and products will be on their exact skin!  The system can be programmed with a range of different treatment plans to provide a 3D, side-by-side comparison of each treatment option, allowing the patient to visualize the results from any angle.  VISIA® can also simulate the aging process, both with treatment and without, to help the patient see exactly how the recommended treatments will affect their skin over five or even seven years.  With VISIA® Complexion Analysis, there is no need to guess which treatments and products will work best for you: it allows you to visualize it clearly and simply!

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