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Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. It is common for both adolescents and adults. For a problem so widespread and prevalent, there seems to be little understanding of its true cause, and typical treatments can only keep it under control. Acne is a multifactorial problem, as such, it can only be cured with a holistic approach. Dr. Sarkis and Dr. Chen believe that with a personalized treatment plan targeted for your specific needs, you can be truly free from acne permanently.

At Gentle Touch Wellness and Aesthetics, we believe that natural, holistic medical treatments are the best and most effective treatments for acne. Your condition will be fully evaluated and treatments include (but is not limited to) the following list:

  • Diet & nutrition
  • Lifestyle – sleep, exercise and stress
  • Natural, clean and safe cosmetic products
  • Light therapy (Phototherapy)
  • Medical exfoliation & skin treatment
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT)

Diet and Nutrition

The food that you consume are very important for your health. It is very likely that the health of your gastrointestinal tract is closely linked to the health of your skin. Many patients, through experience, notice certain foods that can make their acne worse. While research is still on going in this field, we believe that finding an appropriate diet that fit your body’s needs is a priority. A superior diet can drastically improve your health and acne, all with little to no downsides.


Your lifestyle has a large impact on your overall health and well being. Most people notice acne outbreaks especially during periods of high stress. A good lifestyle with proper stress management can drastically improve your acne, at the same time improving your energy level and performance. At Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness, your lifestyle and stress level will be managed carefully to restore your optimum health.

Natural, Clean and Safe Cosmetic Products

There are numerous cosmetic products in the market that have ingredients that were not tested for safety, or are known to cause health problems. Many of these cosmetic products also aggravate or cause acne outbreaks. It is important to ensure that the products you use are not making your acne worse. Dr. Sarkis and Dr. Esther Chen only recommends products that are made from natural ingredients, are clean and safe to use.

Light Therapy (Phototherapy)

Light has many beneficial effects for skin cells. It improves healing, reduces inflammation and has the added benefit of reducing bacterial load. These are all important for acne recovery and preventing further outbreaks. We offer medical grade light therapy in the form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Light Emitting Diod (LED). These medical grade light therapy have sufficient power and the correct wavelength of light to bring about these beneficial effects. We see extremely good response from patients that have made proper use of light therapy, most seeing a drastic reduction in acne severity and reduced overall inflammation.

Medical Exfoliation and other Skin Treatments

Gentle exfoliation can sometimes be useful for the management of acne. With exfoliation, the dead, infected surface layer of the skin can be removed, and healthy new skin cells can emerge. This gives your skin a clean slate, which often enhances the effectiveness in combination with other treatments. There are a variety of procedures available, such as scar reduction and the Doctors at Gentle Touch will guide you to the most appropriate choice.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalance is sometimes implicated for acne. If you are identified as one these patients, you may benefit from our Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) program. BHRT aims to restore the hormonal balance that keeps you healthy, giving you more energy and often improves the health of your skin at the same time.

The Doctors and staff at Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness understand just how much even a mild outbreak of acne can impact you. We believe that providing high-quality, effective acne treatment is just one part of ensuring a healthy individual—body, mind, and soul.  You will be given high quality medical care and warm, compassionate bedside manner that you would expect from your family doctor.  Your treatments will be customized to match your unique needs to ensure that it gets to the root of your acne related problems, with the goal of restoring your appearance and self-confidence.

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