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While aging is an inevitable process of growth, its impact on the skin can be mitigated or slowed down. A healthy, gentle aging process can retain your youth for a long period of time. We all know of that person who looks 20 years younger than their actual age. While many attribute this to “good genes” alone, it simply isn’t true. There are many factors that affect the speed and intensity of the aging process, and most of it is within our control.

One of the biggest factor is the oxidation process. Oxidation gives us life but it is also the primary process that ages us. Our goal is not to stop the oxidation process but to manage it in such a way it causes the least amount of damage. This is the concept of oxidative stress. By minimizing reactive oxygen species (ROI) and maximizing our body’s defenses against it, we can reduce and reverse the effects of the aging process.

Often it is not feasible to prevent damages on your skin. For existing damages to your skin and complexion, we offer leading-edge medical aesthetics procedures that attempt to reverse, repair or conceal them. This is of course done in combination with managing oxidative stress. Therefore, your customized plan for the holistic management of your skin can include the following:

  • Lifestyle – sleep, stress, exercise
  • Diet
  • Hormonal balance
  • Natural, safe and clean cosmetic products
  • Skin care procedures – chemical peels, micro needling, energy treatments
  • Medical aesthetic procedures – Dermal filler, neuromodulators
  • Others – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Glutathione (GSH) Injections


The lifestyle you lead has a great impact on your aging process. For example, the simple act of smoking can drastically increase oxidative stress levels, and leave you with multiple problems such as systemic inflammation, accelerated aging and low energy. Another common lifestyle problem is high emotional stress levels. One of the effects of the stress response is to delay repair and maintenance of your body. A prolonged duration of high stress increases oxidative stress due lowered defenses against ROIs. Sleep is another important factor as sleep is the time when our body dedicate all its energy towards repair and maintenance. Quality sleep ensures the ability of your body to prevent and repair oxidative damages. Our doctors will lead you a lifestyle that will preserve your youthful skin.


Not all diets are the same, and no one has ever been able to achieve optimal health with a sub-optimal diet. One of the characteristics of modern diet is the extremely high intake of carbohydrate and sugars. Besides soda, cakes, cookies and chips, other sources of refined carbohydrate and sugars include bread, rice, pasta, noodle – all of which are considered staple foods. The problem with carbohydrate and sugar metabolism is that they create high oxidative stress for the body. These high energy but low nutrient density foods also displace the consumption of vegetables, fruits and protein that are important nutrients to maintain and repair our body. These factors together increases oxidative stress from both increased ROI production and decreased ability to remove or repair damages. Fortunately our Doctors are well trained in the field of nutrition, and will help you transition to a quality diet that will bring you better health, energy and ultimately – beauty.

Hormonal Balance

The most vulnerable organ system to oxidative stress is the Endocrine system. Poor lifestyle, diet and environmental toxins are huge contributors to hormonal diseases. Thyroid problems, diabetes (related to insulin hormone), sleep disturbances (melatonin), fatigue and poor energy (Growth hormone), adrenal fatigue (cortisol) and low libido / fertility (sex hormones) are just some of the hormonal problems that are affecting ever younger populations. Of course with a hormonal system out of balance, you will appear to age faster. If our doctors determine that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, you may be enrolled to our Bioidentical Hormone therapy (BHRT) program. This program attempts to correct any hormonal deficiency and imbalance, restoring your health, energy and youthful skin.

Natural, Clean & Safe Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic and skin care product are especially relevant to anti-aging skin care. Proper use of UV protection can reduce aging and oxidative stress contributed from excessive sunlight. However, there are numerous cosmetic products in the market that have ingredients that were not tested for safety, or are known to cause health problems. Many of these cosmetic products may also accelerate skin aging. It is important to ensure that the products you use are not hurting your skin. Dr. Sarkis and Dr. Esther Chen only recommends products that are made from natural ingredients, are clean and safe to use.

Skin Care Procedures

We offer leading edge medical aesthetic procedure that attempt to reverse, repair or conceal existing skin damages such as wrinkles, blemishes, melasma among others. The following are some of the procedures that we offer:

  • Microneedling – This procedure attempts to stimulate your skin to repair and regenerate new collagen and elastin fibers, reducing wrinkles and imperfections. Medical aesthetic microneedling penetrate deeper into your skin, giving you stronger results than regular at home kits.
  • Medical grade chemical peel – this procedure removes the surface layer of the skin in order to stimulate the regeneration of new skin. Mild wrinkles and blemishes are often lifted after this procedure.
  • Energy based treatementLight Emiting Diode (LED) Phototherapy, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), non-ablative & ablative Fractional Laser resurfacing. These non-invasive treatments use varying intensity of light to stimulate recovery and regeneration of your skin cells. These skin care procedures are ideal as they are effective treatments with minimal to non existent downsides.

Medical Aesthetic Procedures

For deep wrinkles, sagging skin, atrophy and loss of volume, we offer medical aesthetic procedures that can conceal these defects. The following are some of the medical aesthetic procedures that we do regularly:

  • Neuromodulators (Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin®) – Neuromodulators reduces deep wrinkles by paralyzing specific facial muscles in spasm. It is imperative that you find an experienced and qualified practitioner to perform neuromodulator injection as safety is the primary concern. Our doctors are well trained, qualified and experienced to inject neuromodulators; using the right amount and injecting the correct muscles, delivering the best results safely.
  • Dermal Fillers (Belotero /Juvederm / Perlane-L / Radiesse / Restylane / Voluma XC) – We offer a large variety of dermal fillers with varying characteristics to help lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles. Our doctors are experienced with an artistic eye that will restore your complexion that looks natural.


  • Platlet rich plasma (PRP) – Platelets are a type of blood cell fragments that respond naturally to a site of injury and initiate repairs. By using PRP (usually in conjunction with microneedling), we further enhance the repair and regeneration process of your skin.
  • Glutathione Injection – Glutathoine is a potent anti-oxidant. It has potential uses for anti-aging and improving overall health. It also has some skin lightening effects.

With the diverse variation of skin conditions that each patient has, it can be challenging to find most appropriate treatments for you. Fortunately, our doctors are experienced in holistic and conventional healthcare, have advanced knowledge in nutrition and possesses skill in medical aesthetics procedures; you can be assured to receive the most appropriate treatment plan that is customized for you. Let us help you achieve your aesthetic goal with the confidence that it will be delivered appropriately, safely and effectively in the hands of our skilled medical doctors.

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