Cancer Survivor Treatments

shutterstock_173471978Chemotherapy for breast cancer is frequently the cause of early onset of menopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy. If you are a cancer survivor and have developed the uncomfortable side effects of chemo induced menopause, such as painful intercourse or urinary incontinence, the MonaLisa Touch® will likely offer you what others have described as a “Life Changing” very minimally invasive solution!

The MonaLisa Touch® procedure has a huge average efficacy of 85% and uses fractional CO2 laser technology to promote and stimulate the production of highly beneficial new tissue components such as; collagen, fibrocite, fibroblast, tropocollagen molecules, hyaluronic acid and proteoglycan in the vaginal walls. Your symptoms will begin to subside almost immediately as the vaginal tissues are regenerated. Three treatments Cancer Survivors Treatmentare normally recommended to reverse vaginal atrophy. The MonaLisa Touch® procedure is nonsurgical, and is not considered painful. Though rare, for individuals with hyper sensitivity to discomfort or pain, an anesthetic cream can be applied to reduce any discomfort. Patients should abstain from sexual activity for four days following the procedure, but can otherwise resume their normal routines immediately.


We do offer cancer survivors special pricing. Please feel free to schedule a fee, zero pressure consultation to receive your special pricing.

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