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shutterstock_261859727Urinary incontinence is more common than most people know. It can be embarrassing and is certainly a significant inconvenience at best. If you suffer from mild to moderate stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence, Gentle Touch Aesthetics & Wellness can provide the appropriate treatment according to your age and symptoms. We offer minimally invasive laser treatments that deliver amazing results! Unlike the messy creams and awkward exercises you’ve tried to prevent embarrassing bladder leaks, treatments with the MonaLisa Touch™ or GentleVLase procedures rejuvenate and revitalize the vaginal walls with new tissue and beneficial factors to improve functionality.

shutterstock_155614298The MonaLisa Touch and the GentleVLase procedures can both be used to treat mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

Using fractional laser technology, both the MonaLisa Touch procedure and GentleVLase procedure can stimulate new collagen and other tissue production to revitalize the vaginal walls and other peri vaginal areas that are most often the reason for incontinence and restore normal functions. The MonaLisa Touch and GentleVLase procedures are revolutionary treatments for vaginal laxity and incontinence in post childbirth, postmenopausal women or those who have suffered an injury.

In premenopausal women, the GentleVLase procedure is equally revolutionary as the needs of premenopausal women are different for vaginal laxity and most symptoms of mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

Treatments with either the MonaLisa Touch or GentleVLase can be performed during a normal office visit! With no pain and no known adverse side effects, patients are free to return to their normal routines immediately following treatment.

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